Monday, 6 January 2014

Palau: An Aerial Pictorial

Over the past few weeks my parents have been in Palau visiting us and checking out where we live now. Last week my Dad celebrated his 70th Birthday. For such a big birthday we had to do something special. So we decided to take him up for a helicopter flight over Palau. It was one of best things we could have done. The flight was incredible, Palau truly is a stunningly beautiful place.

I think the following results speak for themselves:
The Arch

Seventy Islands

Seventy Islands

Blue Holes (top centre) and Blue Corner dive sites. Check out all the bubbles from divers on the top side of the corner.

Blue Holes & Blue Corner dive sites

Jellyfish lake, the orange tinge at the bottom of the lake is indeed jellyfish

German Channel dive site

During our flight we also saw piles of turtles, sting rays and even about 7 or 8 dugongs. We flew with Aussie pilot Matt Harris and his company Rock Island Helicopters. I would highly recommend them for anyone who now has a helicopter flight over Palau on their bucket list.

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