Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Over the last few days I thought I would try (yet again) to get into a band called The Dillinger Escape Plan. They are quite a bit heavier and crazier than the normal heavy rock I listen to. But they have odd time signatures (which i typically like, being a drummer etc) and lots of my friends gush about them. So I had a good few listens to the new album and it's definitely growing on me, I think I'm starting to "get it".

This morning on my walk to work I thought I'd give one of their older albums 'Ire Works' a go. Both tracks 1 and 2 were very heavy, very repetitive (which i thought a big odd as they tend to change it up a lot) and they even faded in and out multiple times. I was thinking about how this was a really arty and inaccessible album but I thought I would persist. The third track was someone softly playing piano for a good few minutes....talk about random! The 4th track starts and the intro is The Beach Boys 'wouldn't it be nice'... I'm waiting for TDEP to burst into some crazy metal but as 'wouldn't it be nice' kept going and going I realised I'd been completely duped. This was a fake album I'd downloaded at some point only for me to never listen to properly until now. (Don't pretend you haven't downloaded an album some point either!). I had a pretty good laugh my own expensive and quickly swapped to another album.

Pretty much the same thing right?

...And the super secret special code for those in the know: X7N8UGEQVQVX

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