Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Great Cull of 2013

Early in the new year when it started looking like the move to Palau was going to come off I decided to start getting rid of some of my stuff that I have been accumulating over the years. I've badly needed to do this for quite some time and the prospect of moving overseas was the best motivation possible. So I started with some items that wouldn't be missed if the move fell through. As the move became more certain we both ramped up our selling and chucking. It is truly incredible how much crap you can keep in a small two bedroom unit! (And yes almost all of it was mine). 

For someone who is more of a hoarder than a chucker I thought it would be much harder to sell or throw stuff out. However only 2-3 items have caused me any confliction in deciding what to do with them and again those were the only items I've felt any regret in letting go. The worst was my drum kit and I expect similar when I handover my car this afternoon. 

Not to go all philosophical on you but with the culling I have become aware of just how rewarding and cleansing the process has been. I don't think I can accurately put into words just how great it has felt to reduce and simplify our lives. I've come to understand and appreciate that even in a big 1st world country you just don't need that much stuff. Obviously there is a minimum you need (especially in an increasingly technological world) but the rest just clutters up the place and I wonder if it reflects on our stress levels and state of mind in some way.

If you've always wanted to spring clean your place then do it! It feels great and you'll probably end up with a lot of spare cash ($1000 for me, not including the car, drum kit nor push bike).

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  1. Firstly: Apologies I couldn't have made any of the farewells. I've been stuck on a sev 1 call wit CISCO in Oslo since yesterday. There goes my weekend!

    Secondly: I couldn't agree more. After returning from India I had a big clean out. Indian's don't have much and get by on such few possessions. A cluttered home seems like a cluttered life and excessive to your needs!

    Take care and have an amazing time. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!