Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Another lap complete

As of about 8:30 or 9:30am (I can never reminder which) this morning, Australian Eastern Standard Time I have completed yet another lap around the sun. My 35th lap is now complete and my 36th has just started. Just in case you are a little confused by this, today is my birthday and I’ve just turned 35.

My birthday has come up extremely quick this year with the whole year to date spent focused on preparations for the wedding and then the move (and settling in) to Palau. I honestly can’t believe it’s mid-late August suddenly. 

The other day I was reflecting a little about my last birthday and what I had planned for the year ahead, none of the above had even been thought of. About the most we’d discussed was a one week trip to Osaka which eventuated in November (I love that city and can’t wait to visit again). If someone had told me where I’d be this year I never would have believed that I’d be living in another country let alone one that I’d hardly heard of and could not accurately pinpoint on a map. On top of that after spending 11 years at the same workplace (in a variety of roles) I’d now be learning a completely different job/skillset. I don’t think you can get much more removed from sitting in an office doing project management to hanging out 30 metres below sea level watching sharks & turtles and cruising around a tropical paradise on a boat. 

A quick update on the diving: I feel I’m very quickly getting up to speed, I completed my Advanced and Nitrox courses about a week ago and my Rescue Diver course is scheduled for this coming weekend. In less than two weeks I’ve clocked up 20 dives in Palau. Over the past three days I’ve been helping with two different Open Water Courses. On Sat & Sun we had a large mixed group of eight students who were awesome, they all picked it up easily with hardly any issues.

However yesterday we had two young Taiwanese girls who I’m not sure had any concept what they were getting themselves into. They were reluctant to get into the water and almost drowned themselves when attempting the ‘10 minute float’ requirement. (Despite being in salty water AND wearing a wetsuit). Note, it takes some effort to drown yourself with that combination as it makes you extremely buoyant.  Anyway they got better as they day went on but I’m still glad to have today off as they will be challenged again by the skill requirements they need to complete today.

So I’m now sitting in a Palauan coffee shop struggling with terrible internet (the whole country’s connection seems to be getting worse lately) enjoying my well-earned day off. 

With my 36th revolution beginning and after all the changes in my 35th jaunt I wonder what changes the coming year will bring. Hope you enjoyed more of the pictures from my phone.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mate! Loving the tales of your Adventure.